The Workforce’s Newest Members: Generation Z

The Workforce’s Newest Members: Generation Z

If there’s one thing that is constant, it’s change: It’s an old saying. And that applies to the workplace and the workforce, too. Take generational change in your employee base, for example. Different generations exhibit different characteristics, and the world events that influenced one group of people may not be the same that influences another.
A lot of eyes are turned expectedly toward Generation Z. That’s the group of people that was born in the late 1990s to about 2010. They’re unique in several ways, most notable of which is their technological prowess. This group, which is about one-quarter of the population, is incredibly diverse—so much so that about half of them identify as non-white.
While some of those traits might make you think they are optimistic, this generation was actually quite influenced by the great recession. So how does that collection of traits mean for the workplace? This graphic explains it.

The Workforces Newest Members: Generation Z InfoGraphic