3PL Launches New Real-Time Order Fulfilment Software – ‘Fusion’

3PL Launches New Real-Time Order Fulfilment Software – ‘Fusion’

3PL, the North West order fulfilment and logistics specialist for multichannel retail brands has announced the launch of its new real-time order fulfilment software.

Fusion is 3PL’s proprietary technology platform, built to help growing retail brands gain a competitive edge in a hyper-connected age of multichannel retail. Designed and developed by the in-house team at 3PL, the software holds and exchanges real-time data, live inventory updates, delivery reporting, and the ability to track and amend orders live.

The software claims to revolutionise the order fulfilment process by using automation and data to improve efficiencies processes and acting as a one stop shop for data management.

Retail brands can fulfil orders from multiple channels and countries all in one place and the cloud-based software will also give retailers the ability to manage orders and inventory from any device, providing complete transparency, to enable proactive data-driven decision making.

The custom-built software is being rolled out to all 3PL clients and will play a critical part in 3PL’s continued focus on becoming the number one choice for order fulfilment and logistics, across Europe. The software already powers 3PL’s multiple fulfilment centres, blending physical operations with technology to help the order fulfilment work more efficiently and can be customised for individual needs.

3PL houses more than 16 million units of stock and ships more than one million packages each year, with no sign of slowing down after recently announcing the opening of a new 55,000 sq. ft Regional Distribution Centre.

“If you’re into supporting e-commerce then you simply must evolve technology-wise.” Leon Parkinson, IT & Systems Manager at 3PL, explained “Our Fusion platform removes common friction points from the supply chain resulting in fewer contacts whilst putting precious time back into the working day of our client base. This recent upgrade includes some really useful features whilst also increasing stability resulting in uptime in excess of 99.9%. As a business and on behalf of our fantastic clients we have invested heavily in our technologies in recent years and with the next scope of works already scheduled I’m really pleased to see our pioneering technologies start to gain the accolades the 3PL development team deserves, with 3PL Fusion being our very own creation, the possibilities are endless.”