Applied Driving has entered into a partnership with video telematics specialist SureCam. Under the agreement, Applied Driving’s online web-application Riskmapp will be integrated with SureCam’s network-connected dash cameras. This will help fleets to enhance driver engagement, by receiving Triggered TrainingTM  in conjunction with the high-quality video footage of driving events.

“We have come together with SureCam to enhance our automated risk reduction solution, Companion+,” explains Andy Phillips, Global Managing Partner at Applied Driving. “As a result, our fleet customers will now be able to complement our existing data capture and analysis with video. This will enable them to achieve even greater safety improvements by helping to identify and eliminate at-risk driver behaviour.”

Video of severe driving events, reviewed by SureCam, will be available to both fleet customers and Applied Driving via Riskmapp. In the first instance, a link to the footage will be sent to the driver alongside a safety message as part of the Triggered TrainingTM functionality within Companion+. It will also provide an effective coaching tool for escalated training requirements, making it possible to use real-life examples to correct negative driving styles.

Sam Footer, Partnership Director at SureCam commented: “We believe that this technology has the power to make our roads safer, protecting the lives and livelihoods of fleet drivers, owners, and the communities they serve. By partnering with likeminded industry experts, such as Applied Driving, we can deliver innovative, real-time video solutions that enable fleets to run safer, smarter, and more profitably.”

“We are teaming up with a growing number of fleet and video telematics providers to create automated data feeds into Riskmapp for intelligent driver performance analysis and automated risk reduction. Our latest agreement with SureCam will support our global growth and provide integrated solutions for fleets of all sizes, from large corporates through to small businesses,” adds Phillips.