Bike Week: Stuart champions sustainable last-mile cyclists

Bike Week: Stuart champions sustainable last-mile cyclists

With Cycling UK’s Bike Week in full swing, Stuart, the sustainable, last-mile delivery experts have revealed top cycling stats from their of independent cycle couriers

In the last two weeks alone over 4,000 independent cycle couriers have used sustainable pedal-power to deliver last-mile logistics for Stuart’s nationwide clients, which include restaurants, grocery, retail and e-commerce.

This includes, for example Ocado’s recently launched under one-hour delivery service, Ocado Zoom.

The independent courier who has clocked up most miles supporting Stuart’s customers has pedalled a massive 7,640 miles! That is more miles than the width of Russia, and even further than from London to Jakarta in Indonesia (just over 7,200 miles).

60% of Stuart’s independent fleet use bikes, delivering packages up to five miles from their location, operating in over 28 cities across the UK.

The bicycle is one of the greenest and most efficient machines ever, delivering the equivalent of a car doing 1600 miles on a gallon of petrol! Not only is cycling the greenest way to support last-mile logistics, but a 2018 report from the Department for Transport showed that driving in urban areas is slower than cycling.

Stuwies, as Stuart’s community of independent cycle couriers are known, are hard-working and passionate people, from a diverse range of backgrounds. This includes an award-winning professional BMX driver, as well as a rider who has set up a charity to help homeless people during the winter months! As part of the Stuart community Stuwies benefit from:

  • Close collaboration between couriers and company, dedicated city managers, feedback sessions and local events
  • Partnerships with e-bikes providers, to help rent and buy new e-bikes
  • Access to OpenClassrooms and online courses
  • Minimum hourly guarantee and delivery rewards

Find out more about how Stuart is pioneering sustainable last-mile solutions, and the opportunities for cyclists and brands to harness pedal-power.