First UK Mapecrete jointless floor system installed in the UK

First UK Mapecrete jointless floor system installed in the UK

Mapei UK’s first Mapecrete jointless floor system has been installed at P1 The Plasterers One Stop Shop & Plastering Superstore, in Cheltenham. The seamless finish was installed over the 440m2 floor area, which will be used as new warehouse space.  Concrete was supplied by Flowmix and pumped by Max-Pump.  Suitable for all environments – from commercial and industrial to residential – the Mapecrete system provided benefits including enhanced durability, reduced maintenance and a fast-track installation.

Fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC) jointless slabs represent a significant advancement in concrete technology, offering numerous benefits over traditional reinforced concrete (RC) slabs. The Mapecrete FRC jointless system is based on a shrinkage compensated concrete technology where contraction is compensated by restrained expansion through structural reinforcement.  The modular system consists of four Mapei products which work in synergy to create a jointless finish: they include Dynamon XTend W300 N, Mapecure SRA 25, Expancrete, Mapefiber ST42 and Mapecure E30.

Whilst RC slabs are jointed to assist in controlling cracking, FRC jointless slabs contain fibres within the concrete mix to enhance performance and reduce cracking and spalling.  The slab’s increased durability provides increased load-bearing capacity and greater ability to withstand heavy loads and high traffic.  As well as reduced maintenance, further cost savings result from reduced downtime and repairs, and from a less labour-intensive installation. The jointless system is also more resistant to environmental factors, such as freeze-thaw cycles.

“The Mapecrete system provided a multitude of installation and performance benefits, as well as a safer working environment.  The FRC jointless slab system eliminates the need for steel mesh and greatly reduces labour days.  Installation was also far easier, compared to traditional RC slabs, creating a seamless floor.  Further down the line, we’ve also eliminated the issues that can arise from having joints every 5-6 linear metres. It’s a fabulous innovation and we’re delighted with the finish achieved in the superstore,” commented Andrew Hill, Managing Director at Plastering Superstore.

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