FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS announces a Strategic Partnership Programme with Kilnbridge to save up to £25,000 a year in fuel costs.

FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS announces a Strategic Partnership Programme with Kilnbridge to save up to £25,000 a year in fuel costs.

Kilnbridge is a building and civil engineering business operating as a turnkey specialist structures contractor. They have dedicated business units in Construction and Civil Engineering, Concrete Cutting, Fabrication, Fire Protection, and Waste Management.

These different businesses require different types of vehicles. Head of Fleet, Mick Kemp, explains: “We currently have several different types of vehicles, totalling 125, ranging from small to medium-size vans, refuse vehicles and Roll-on Roll-off skip vehicles, to articulated vehicles, such as Beavertails, Artic HIAB and low loaders.”

Kilnbridge is involved with some significant national infrastructure projects. These span a range of sectors, including commercial, residential, infrastructure, aviation, rail, energy including nuclear all serviced by our the inhouse plant and equipment business K-Plant.

The pressure to deliver service and reduce running costs are the performance goals that matter. Kemp explains: “A saving in fuel costs of just one per cent can add up to a £20,000 increase in the company’s bottom line. The question I always ask is, “how much work would you need to carry out to make £20,000 when most transport companies bottom line is between three and five per cent”?”

Like any business, Key Performance Indicators define and measure progress toward organisational goals. Kilnbridge is a proud member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). 

FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme established in 2008 that gives its members a clear set of requirements to demonstrate that they run a quality operation with exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

Kemp explains as a Gold Accreditation member of the scheme, “it is a requirement of the FORS standard, we will only use FORS accredited companies.”

The partnership between us as branded fuel card providers and Kilnbridge commences with a strong foundation of trust. We are a FORS Associate, and Rachel Pearson is an experienced FORS practitioner and key accounts manager. She was also a student of Kemp’s in his previous role as a FORS Practitioners Trainer.

Sincerity is essential in any business relationship. For Kemp, who has worked with vehicles since the age of 17, it’s easy to see why integrity matters. “I spent 24 years in the Military, starting as a driver in the Army, working my way up to Warrant Office Class 1, and in my last seven years I was a Master Driver. This appointment advises Brigadiers and Generals on all related Transport matters. Becoming a Master Driver and a Warrant Office Class 1 is the pinnacle of anyone’s career. On leaving the Army, I delivered FORS auditing and training, where I met Rachel for the first time. After ten years, I was lured to the challenge of commercially managing fleets of transport. First working as Fleet manager for Align JV, part of the HS2 alignment, and charged with building a 10-mile twin-bore tunnel and a 3.5-mile viaduct. I established the company’s Work-Related Road Risk policies and procedures, managing a fleet of 25 vehicles, which quickly increased to hundreds more.  I met Thomas Barrett, the Director for Kilnbridge’s Plant, Procurement and Transport, – again he was someone I had taught on the FORS Practitioners course – he knew my skills and what attributes I could bring to the company and, here I am, the Head of Fleet at Kilnbridge.”

Here is where the hard work begins for our partnership with Kilnbridge, as Kemp points out: “One of the reasons I was appointed as Head of Fleet was to see if I could save money and improve on the high standards already set. Looking at Kilnbridge’s fleet, one of the biggest spends is fuel. So, I first looked at the current spend, talking to the current fuel card account managers to see if I could save money, because the situation really had to change.”

“Rachel thoroughly inspected the invoices of our fuel card provider; she showed me an instant saving of around 5p a litre at one of our depots, which draws 15,000 litres a month. That saving equates to £9,000 a year. She showed me that changing fuel card brands didn’t add any pressure points, and we could continue using the usual garages. For Kilnbridge, this was such a quick win and a win for FLEETMAXX.

“Knowing how busy we all are within the business, FLEETMAXX ensures they watch our spending and the price of fuel weekly. Rachel is now our account manager, and she speaks to us and gives us the advice we need to hear. There is no fluffiness; instead, we get straight-to-the-point advice, looking after the company’s interests that the other fuel card provider didn’t provide.

“Before agreeing on our partnership, I really tasked Rachel to deliver sound advice, she returned to me within a week with advice on our potential fuel cost savings. On hearing her assessment, I informed our CEO, this partnership can save the organisation £25,000 a year in fuel costs.”

Fuel cards offer fleet managers more than perks like convenience and cost savings on fuel. They also give Kilnbridge features even more valuable than perks, like plenty of valuable data they can use to make smarter business decisions. As Kemp explains, “When I started managing vehicles in the 1990s, it was all admin and paperwork. There is so much more information available to us with computer automation, and with key performance indicators, we can truly show how we are achieving the organisation’s goals. With the help of telematics, we can now see how the vehicles and drivers are performing. We can act on this information, getting the vehicle looked at if underperforming, or carry out training with the driver if he is not driving in a fuel-efficient way.

“Our partnership with FLEETMAXX is helping us in many other ways. We use HVO Red diesel for all our plant vehicles; from the 1st April, the duty on this will increase, and this will have a massive impact on Kilnbridge; FLEETMAXX has given us the advice we need to reduce this impact.” 

Rachel adds: “‘It’s been fantastic to assist Kilnbridge with lowering their fuel costs and for FLEETMAXX to provide free of charge emissions data to include Co2, NOx & Particulate Matter which will help when they prepare for their FORS audit. It’s important that we go the extra mile for customers. Personally too, it has been great to work with Mick for the benefit of reducing Kilnbridge’s overall fleet and fuel costs as well as accurately monitoring and reducing their environmental impact. We hope to be able to provide Kilnbridge with bulk Adblue in the future which is made easier as FLEETMAXX provides a comprehensive range of fleet and fuel products, meaning our valued customers have all their needs met under one roof – a one stop shop if you like!”

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