How temporary buildings can help improve the sustainability of your supply chain

How temporary buildings can help improve the sustainability of your supply chain

With the construction industry focusing on sustainability and new legislation around environmental protection to consider, businesses must continuously look for green initiatives. Customers, investors and governments expect companies to ensure sustainability in the supply chain and construction is an area with an enormous impact on this. With the huge quantities of materials and waste from construction, looking to expand your space in an environmentally-friendly way can be a challenge.

Temporary buildings are an excellent way to incorporate sustainable building practices when you need extra space for your business. They have a huge impact on the sustainability of the supply chain. Modular buildings are more eco-friendly than permanent buildings because they can be repurposed and relocated when needs change. They are created from materials that are fully reusable and recyclable, helping overcome the massive waste and material consumption normally associated with construction. Additionally, their Energy Label A rating means they are a more efficient solution to run than many permanent structures.

Often sustainability comes at a premium, but temporary buildings are a cost-effective solution for businesses. As modular buildings are prefabricated they are far more affordable than permanent buildings, yet they can still be tailored to your specific needs. Building costs are kept to a minimum, as fewer trades and processes are required in their construction; much of this is done off-site in the pre-fab process. They are not only cost-effective to construct, but also cheap to run as they have an Energy Label A rating. Using the cost savings from these modular solutions can be a great way to offset increasing rents and rates facing businesses in these challenging times. Finally, with options for either hire or purchase it’s always possible to find a way to incorporate a temporary building in your budget. It’s even possible to begin by hiring a temporary structure and then move to purchasing it at a later date, so you’re not committing to a large investment straight away.

There’s been a huge increase in the popularity of temporary buildings due to their speedy construction and ability to be relocated. When companies need a fast solution for expansion a modular building is a great choice. Not only are they installed quickly, but it can be done with minimum disruption so business-as-usual can continue unhindered. A long disruption to your service can be costly, so the fast construction means your business can be quickly operational again. Not only can these buildings be erected quickly, but they can be taken down just as fast. This allows quick relocation of your space too. If your business moves or you’d prefer the space in a more permanent location then the building can be taken down, moved and reconstructed in no time. This allows a degree of flexibility you can’t find in a permanent structure.

While temporary buildings are a great choice for expansion without committing to a long-term investment, it’s also possible that they can be erected for years if needed. From a few months to many years, these buildings can be designed to stand for as long as you need them. And with their flexible design, they can also be altered to last longer than planned if necessary. It’s not just a short-term solution for growing your business and can also grow with you as required. The flexibility of modular construction allows you to add space in the future and continue to use the building for years to come. Their bespoke modular design means you can repeatedly tailor your new space to changing business needs.

Overall, temporary buildings are not only an excellent solution to sustainable construction, but they are a low-cost, fast and flexible option for expanding your business. Learn more about Neptunus Structures and how they can help with your temporary building needs.