Share cloud platform heralds the future of ERP and supply chain software cloud platform heralds the future of ERP and supply chain software

User-experience, automation and self-service at forefront of conquering complex fulfilment challenges

Iptor today announces the launch of the cloud platform, signifying the company’s transformation to a pure play, cloud native software vendor.

At an exclusive live event, held at the iconic Kraftwerk Rottweil historic energy plant in Germany, and streamed across 3 continents, the company welcomed its current and future customers to a cloud connected world, where AI, automation and self-service are at the heart of enabling growth for supply chain, pharma, healthcare and publishing businesses.  With only an email needed to be ready to go, the cloud platform gives these companies access to flexible, scalable supply chain ERP software in the new, remote working world.

Jayne Archbold, Iptor CEO and Managing Partner, said, “With the pandemic driving fundamental changes in how people work, and remote working becoming a long-term reality, efficiency, self-learning and DIY service have become the crucial factors when future proofing IT.   The need for constant delivery of value and seamless implementation of new functionality can only be provided by cloud native technologies, where the employee learning curve must be minimal and user-orchestrated collaboration is the norm, not the exception. provides this step into the future.”

This trend is set to continue beyond the current pandemic environment, bringing seamless integration of workflow tools and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams onto the essential criteria list needed to satisfy employees, teams, suppliers and customers.  Accordingly, a new generation of software users are emerging who expect automation, total connectivity and self-service to drive the design of modern, cloud native business applications.  This ranges from base architecture using standard cloud components and frameworks, open API-based connectivity options, customizable landing pages and widgets for the end user.  All to maximise flexibility for users, allowing them to adjust and connect to different cloud services without creating any lock-in effects.

The launch also marks the end of traditional version cycles, with the cloud platform moving to a continuous deployment mode and automatic upgrade options for customers every six months for the core platform with its verticals for supply chain, pharma, and publishing as well as modularized add-on apps.

The Iptor event features a keynote by Jayne Archbold, Iptor CEO and Managing Partner and Christopher Catterfeld, Iptor Chief Product Officer and Manager Partner and live streams from Stockholm, Dallas, Sydney, and Ghent.  Guest appearances include Satya Sharma, Global CTO, Cognitive Systems at IBM and Mohan Krishnaraj, Vice President and Global Head, Digital Design HARMAN International (A Samsung Company). – Key Benefits

Ready to go, ready to grow.       
–        No upfront investments, freeing up investment capital
–        Pay as you grow subscription model (Scalable and cost-efficient)
–        Modularized add-on services      (i.e. CRM, Ecommerce)
–        Containerization enabling flexibility to match different cloud standards and providers
–        Fast implementation
–        Zero-maintenance for customers
–        Zero downtime
Remote Working & Flexibility
–        “Always on” through cloud native experience
–        Mobility centric design enabling multi-device use
–        Seamlessly embedded in your remote working environment
–        MS Teams integration for approvals, reporting, and sales funnel transparency
–        24/7 availability, everywhere via Public Cloud

Always up to date
–        Continuous drops of value through new features and automatic upgrades 
–        Easy, user-determined reporting design
–        Visibility and insight on landing page and throughout the system via dynamic widgets
–        System administration online
–        Single Sign On and Office 365 integration
–        Remote sales force management and automation
–        Workflow automation
–        Exception handling with alert automation
Reducing risk
–        High availability and disaster recovery
–        Compliance management, access control and data protection                
True Cloud Verticals
–        For Supply Chain, Pharma, and Publishing
–        Functional excellence designed by industry leaders and peers

Brand-new modular cloud services
–        Iptor CRM
–        Ecommerce