Kammac Supports Nimble’s Expansion into 500 Tesco Stores

Kammac Supports Nimble’s Expansion into 500 Tesco Stores

Nimble, the multi award winning plant-based household cleaning brand for children, has launched its range of six products in 500 Tesco stores across the UK, thanks to the agility and support provided by third party logistics specialist Kammac.

The businesses began working together in August last year as Nimble enlisted Kammac to help it respond to a surge in online orders. Operating from its Wavertree site in Liverpool, Kammac has been a cornerstone in facilitating Nimble’s e-commerce fulfilment needs, delivering its child-friendly cleaning products direct to a growing number of UK consumers.

Formulated with plant-based ingredients for effective and gentle cleaning, Nimble’s award winning British made range includes bottle cleaning, non-bio laundry detergent, fabric softener, baby bottle cleaner, multi-purpose antibacterial spray, potty cleaner, and moisturising hand sanitiser – all without harsh chemicals, allergens, or enzymes, ensuring worry-free use for parents. The growing demand for its child-friendly products has seen a move to traditional retail channels and six Nimble products have now hit the shelves in 500 Tesco stores thanks to the support of the team at Kammac.

Alongside supporting Nimble’s transformational journey into retail outlets, Kammac has helped in the creation and delivery of customised influencer packs and also applied golden stickers as part of the launch promotion in Tesco stores. 

“It’s incredible to see expansions in partnerships with businesses like Nimble, from onboarding them as a smaller ecommerce operation to now providing them with efficient and agile distribution solutions for their latest venture into 500 Tesco stores,” said Ged Carabini, Chief Executive Officer at Kammac.

“There’s a bright future between Kammac and Nimble, the recent expansion is proof of Kammac’s dedication to our clients. Successes like this show how partnerships with Kammac helps brands to reach new heights with our support every step of the way.”

The partnership has seen volumes grow from a modest two to three orders a day, to dispatching an impressive 20 pallets a week – with approximately 600 products per pallet – marking a staggering 4000% increase in volumes!

Now meeting both e-commerce and retail stock demands, the third-party logistics expert ensures swift same-day dispatch for direct-to-consumer orders and a one-to-three-day dispatch for Tesco. The partnership boasts an impressive 99.99% pick and dispatch accuracy in 2024, showcasing Kammac’s commitment to operational excellence.

Commenting on the relationship and launch in Tesco, Von Sy, Founder of Nimble, said: “We are thrilled to launch in Tesco, the largest UK supermarket chain. Nimble is a passion project for us. Our mission is to transform into a household name and a plant-based destination brand for parents.”

“Kammac’s support, both from the early days of handling our e-commerce orders to now ensuring our products are delivered 500 Tesco stores, highlights its commitment to our brand’s journey. The team’s adaptability and operational excellence have been integral in realising our vision of bringing Nimble to households across the UK.

“Together, we look forward to reaching new heights as we continue to grow and innovate in the retail landscape,” concludes Von Sy.

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