Labour tracking technology delivers efficiency benefits for Walker

Labour tracking technology delivers efficiency benefits for Walker

As part of a programme of continuous improvement, Walker Logistics, the supply chain and online fulfillment specialist, has invested in labour tracking software from Kronos at its 250,000 sq ft multi-user storage facility in Berkshire.

The technology, which is scheduled to go live early in September, provides Walker with better visibility of its workforce and allows the company to maximize the efficiency of staff across all areas of its business. 

In simple terms, the system enables Walker’s shop floor personnel to register exactly what processes they are undertaking and for which particular client account they are working at any given time. For example, a worker may spend part of his or her shift receiving goods for one client before switching to undertake pick and pack duties for another.

The new system enables the exact amount of time that has been spent on each task – and each client account – to be logged via an app which staff access via  mobile ‘phone. 

The data generated not only allows Walker to optimise the efficiency of its workforce but also gives the company’s customers a clear and transparent breakdown of the work – and, therefore, the costs – involved in managing their supply chain.  

Simon Lapham, Walker Logistics’ Head of Operations, commented: “The system means we will have more labour-related information than ever before which will allow us to constantly improve our performance and deliver even better value and higher levels of service to our valued clients. “

Established in 1999, Walker Logistics offers a comprehensive range of bespoke logistics services to a broad range of clients operating across diverse industry sectors.