LEDVANCE innovates lighting range for industrial solutions

LEDVANCE innovates lighting range for industrial solutions

The upgraded luminaires have long lifetimes for high cost-effectiveness in demand-based environments

LEDVANCE has extended its range of LED products for sophisticated industrial lighting solutions. The range of sensor luminaires, flex luminaires and compacts are designed with high IP ratings, easy installation fittings and long lifetimes for demanding applications where the quality of light is crucial not only for good production results but also for health and safety. They are suitable for damp environments and high ceilings of up to 12 metres, in areas including warehouses, supermarkets, logistics halls and underpasses.

The upgraded DAMP PROOF SENSOR luminaire allows for swift installation with simple 5-way wiring to establish a network of intelligent luminaires, based on the leader-follower or leader-leader principle. Toggle switches provide quick configuration of sensor detection areas, hold times and daylight threshold. The luminaire has an impressive efficiency of 139 lm/W and its IP65 protection makes it suitable for a range of environments including underpasses, garages and car parks.

The LOW BAY FLEX luminaire is designed to evenly illuminate areas with ceiling heights of between four and ten metres. It offers three different beam angles at 160 lm/W and provides easy installation with four mounting options, end caps and connections that are accessible without tools. The luminaire has a cost-effective lifetime of up to 100,000 hours and is equipped for complete through-wiring in both ON/OFF and DALI operation. Standard applications for the LOW BAY FLEX include storage facilities, discounters and supermarkets.

The HIGH BAY GEN 4 SENSOR luminaire significantly reduces operating costs in high-ceiling spaces of up to 12 metres thanks to increased luminaire efficiency and a configurable sensor. Such spaces may include airports, warehouses and logistics halls. The integrated corridor function provides increased light on demand without the need for any additional devices. To simplify system programming, an optional remote control permits further customisation of lighting levels and timings, extending these settings to all other luminaires installed in just one click.

The HIGH BAY COMPACT luminaire has a modern, exclusive design of black aluminium housing and tempered glass cover, permitting operating temperatures of -20°C to 45°C. The high bay compact luminaire gives energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional high bay luminaires and is a suitable replacement for existing high bay luminaires with mercury vapor or metal halide lamps. Potential applications include warehouses, logistics halls and other industrial spaces with high ceilings like lobbies and shopping malls.

LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.


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