LEDVANCE’S second edition of their damp-proof luminaire builds on the success of the first generation for even better lighting quality.

LEDVANCE have relaunched their classic damp-proof luminaire in a new improved version with higher power, more efficiency and improved light quality. The DAMP PROOF GEN 2 is a flexible damp proof luminaire for many versatile applications, with versions offering luminous fluxes of 8000lm and even 11000lm for installations with very high ceilings.

The damp-proof luminaire comes in two lengths of 1.2 and 1.5 metres while offering excellent luminous efficacy and energy efficiency of 135 lm/W in a robust (IK08) and water-resistant (IP65) polycarbonate housing. There is no electrostatic discharge risk since the LED module is integrated into the cover. Suspension and anti-theft kits are included. The new version has a flicker rate of below 10% and a colour consistency at 4 SDCM. There is also a greater range of light colours to choose from, with warm 3000K added to the existing 4000K and 6500K. The damp-proofs are also available as single-battery emergency luminaires with automatic testing.

Commenting on the new luminaires, Nelo Neves, Managing Director at LEDVANCE UK, said, “Our existing damp-proof luminaires have been very popular in a wide range of environments, and we’re delighted to launch this new and improved version. The DAMP PROOF GEN 2 range has the potential to transform existing workspaces with high-quality lighting and improved efficiency, and we can’t wait to see our customers’ installations.”

A stand out feature of the DAMP PROOF GEN 2 is its simple and easy installation thanks to quick-open stainless steel mounting clips and tool-free wiring. The luminaire comes pre-wired and features tool-free electrical connection, with a large adjustment range for reuse of previous mounting holes. Cabling is possible from both the side and back of the casing.

The easy installation of the luminaires opens them up to a wide-range of exciting applications. They can provide ideal vertical illumination to factories and warehouses, where high ceilings, dust, moisture and a lack of daylight cause challenges to lighting installations. The high energy efficiency and long maintenance intervals of the luminaires will also suit the long operating times of indoor car parks. The shock-proof IK08 protection provides the robustness required for adverse ambient conditions of workshops. In addition, with their low flicker rate of less than 10% and their high colour consistency of SDMC < 4, the DAMP PROOF GEN 2 fixtures are also suited to keeping employees safe when working long hours on assembly lines.

LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.

See for yourself how easy to set-up the new DAMP PROOF GEN 2 luminaires are: