Lightweight Loading Platform Proves Its Heavyweight Credentials for AG Transport

Lightweight Loading Platform Proves Its Heavyweight Credentials for AG Transport

The durability of Thorworld Industries’ solutions has been underlined after Yorkshire-based AG Transport purchased a reconditioned lightweight platform from the loading and unloading specialist.

AG Transport specialises in both haulage and storage.  As such, safe and efficient loading and unloading is critical to the success of its operations.  Faced with an unexpected spike in demand, the company quickly needed a platform to help manage the increased throughput at its Bradford site.

General Manager Connor Manning contacted Thorworld distributor Loading Bay Service (LBS) for guidance on finding the best solution. 

Coincidentally, Thorworld had recently repurchased an existing lightweight platform from a customer who no longer required it, and had fully refurbished it with a view to finding it a new home.

“The timing was perfect!” explained Warren Craig of LBS.  “The platform was returned in pretty decent condition, but once it had been back through production, it was as good as new.”

The refurbished platform was upgraded to the latest specifications, to prioritise user safety at the same time as improving efficiency when loading and unloading.  Changes included the installation of a self-closing gate and improved ladder rungs.

Thorworld mobile lightweight platforms are designed to provide an easily deployable safe working platform for manual loading and unloading.  Height adjustable, they are also easy to use as they can be moved with either a forklift or manually when equipped with swivelling castor wheels.

“The lightweight platform from Thorworld has been a godsend, helping us to better manage capacity at periods of high demand.  It is sturdy, reliable and safe, and is a great addition to our yard,” confirmed Connor Manning.