New operator assistance solutions from Hyster® support tough industries 

New operator assistance solutions from Hyster® support tough industries 

Hyster Europe has introduced two new optional systems for supporting lift truck operator awareness in industrial materials handling applications. The Dynamic Pedestrian Awareness Light and Reverse Speed System are available factory-fitted to selected Hyster® forklifts. 

“In tough industries, materials handling operations can be intense, with difficult operating conditions and varied loads being moved, often on very busy sites,” says Robert O’Donoghue, VP Marketing and Solutions EMEA for Hyster. “Depending on the specific application, this can increase the risk of human error, resulting in damage and inefficiency, and causing concern to Health and Safety Managers.” 

“While Hyster trucks are designed as standard with operator awareness and visibility in mind, now businesses can further customise their fleet with two new solutions that may help to support their forklift operators,” Robert continues. 

The Dynamic Pedestrian Awareness Light is available on a range of Hyster electric and IC lift trucks, from 1.5-5.5 tonnes capacity. The compact blue LEDs can be mounted to the front or rear of a counterbalance lift truck. They project a progressively flashing blue arrow pattern in a straight line on the floor. This eye-catching light gives a visible indication that a truck is approaching, where it is approaching from, and the truck’s direction of travel, helping signal the position of the forklift to pedestrians or other vehicles.  

This can support safety in certain industrial manufacturing warehouses that may have blind corners, cross aisles, high foot traffic, or unloading operations where visibility of working lift trucks is restricted. 

The patent-pending Reverse Speed System is uniquely available to Hyster customers on selected three- and four-wheel forklifts, for lifts from 1.5 to 5.5 tonnes. It places a sensor next to the rear drive handle on the lift truck which can detect if there is a hand placed on the handle. If there is, it will allow the lift truck to reach full reverse speed. If the sensor is not activated, the reverse speed is limited to 2km/h. Holding the handle encourages the operator to look in the direction of travel while reversing, as is standard practice. 

“This is important for keeping the forklift clear of pedestrians and other objects that may be in the path of travel, helping to reinforce good operator habits when reversing,” explains Robert. “Applications with high numbers of temporary or agency staff may find it particularly helpful for upholding their operating standards.” 

The Reverse Speed System will also limit speed if the sensor detects the hand on the handle while the truck is travelling forward. This further reinforces good operating practices, encouraging the operator to look in the right direction. It also prevents users from trying to ‘trick’ the system, by placing something on the sensor, for example. 

The global network of local Hyster distribution partners can offer advice on how industrial businesses can best match lift trucks to their specific application to reduce damage, maintenance, and costs. This includes a full range of operator assistance add-ons.