‘Reuse, recycle, repeat’ advises leading plastic pallet supplier

‘Reuse, recycle, repeat’ advises leading plastic pallet supplier – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company – is urging customers to reuse their plastic pallets and boxes, recycle them, and then repeat the process to help create a circular economy.

This pertinent advice comes following what’s been a difficult last year for plastic pallet’s biggest rival ‘the wooden pallet’ with timber shortages and price rises affecting availability and causing serious concern amongst pallet users.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director for, said: “Not only do we stock the largest range of plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small containers in the UK, all of our products are available in large volumes – our customers need not worry about supply shortages.

“Our plastic pallets and boxes can be reused time and time again; recycled once they reach the end of their working life; then the recycled plastic can be fed back into the manufacturing process to create new, high quality, reusable plastic pallets and boxes – closing the loop and creating a circular economy.”

Following the company’s pledge last month to recycle all of its customers’ plastic pallets and boxes, has had a lot of interest in its recycling scheme. But a question they’re frequently being asked is how exactly does it work?

Jim explained: “We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for our customers to recycle their plastic pallets and boxes. Depending on the volume that customers wish to recycle, they can choose from one of our two recycling solutions.

“For volumes in excess of 1500kg, customers can take advantage of our hassle-free collection service, where we will arrange a collection and transport the products straight to our partner’s recycling facility in Belgium. Customers can arrange for smaller loads to be dropped off at our warehouse at their own convenience, where once consolidated we will transport in full truck loads to Belgium – ensuring our trucks are running at their maximum efficiency.

“Our partner’s recycling factory in Belgium is one of only three in Europe with a pallet recycling facility adjacent to the manufacturing plant, and is the closet one to the UK. By recycling our customers’ plastic pallets and boxes in Belgium we guarantee that they will not only be ethically recycled by a fully licensed facility, but also that the recovered material will be reused to make the next wave of high quality, long life plastic pallets and boxes.”

Find out more about’s recycling commitment here or call 01323 744057 for help recycling your plastic pallets and boxes.