• New technology delivers improvements in manufacturing and distribution performance of up to 30% with a 2-4-month payback say TouchPath
  • KPI screens can be uniquely configured for different manufacturing environments
  • TouchReport software extracts data from the ERP system, presenting it as on-screen KPI information for better management decision-making
  • TouchReport’s measurement of manufacturing and picking productivity enables improvements in shopfloor and warehouse performance of up to 30% say TouchPath

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath ( is releasing ‘TouchReport’, a new KPI dashboard-driven system that works with ERPs to present manufacturing and distribution data as management information for better decision making. TouchReport delivers improvements in shopfloor and warehouse performance of up to 30% with a return on investment (ROI) of 2-4 months, say TouchPath.

Using TouchReport, KPI screens for a variety of picking, inventory control, manufacturing, transportation, storage and distribution functions can be generated in as little as two hours say TouchPath. TouchReport’s KPI information can be displayed on phones, computer screens and tablets, with the option to use multiple graphics and languages. TouchReport is based on open technology that can be deployed with any ODBC* compliant database regardless of the ERP, MES or Quality System. It enables one-click export of selected data to Excel, Word, XML and CSV. (*open database connectivity). “TouchReport is uniquely configurable for all industry users” says TouchPath CEO David Myers.

TouchPath technology uses smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination to deliver a customized solution at an off-the-shelf price, deploying systems technology that captures more information for better business performance and faster ROI according to the company.

TouchPath solutions are COTS (Custom-off-the-Shelf) applications. The user determines which functions are required and the business rules under which they are to operate and receives a bespoke solution configured from pre-existing modules. This gives user organizations the flexibility and control they need to optimize their warehouse and production processes in line with their individual needs and with no need to alter their processes or business rules.

TouchPath has operations in the USA (High Point, NC 27265) and the UK (Kent ME13 8NZ).