Hyster Europe announces several updates to help specific industries overcome unique challenges. 
Whether it’s a lack of space in a retail warehouse or the Just-In-Time demands of an automotive factory, Hyster® solutions are meeting the needs of specific applications.
Large retail outlets are often challenged with storing and handling stock within the tight confines of a small warehouse.  These warehouses often are designed with narrow aisle widths and high racking which can make handling difficult.
Hyster Europe recently previewed the R1.0E – 1.4E Reach Truck series, designed specifically to support this type of operation.  Although it offers the same dependability and operator comfort as the existing Hyster® Reach Truck range, it has been developed for greater manoeuvrability in environments where space is at a premium.
The chassis is compact, and the mast can be tilted back, saving all-important centimetres so the truck can handle stock in the highest racking, even in narrow aisles.
For stock kept in the lower racks, there is the Hyster® S1.0E-1.2E Compact Stacker truck.  Its streamlined size makes it ideal for efficient stacking, storing, transporting or picking in the tight spaces commonly found in retail warehouses.  The series can lift up to 1.2 tonnes to 2.41m, or reach heights of up to 4.18m with lighter loads, and for added flexibility, forks can also be adjusted to an ergonomic working height for warehouse order picking.
The automotive industry is demand-driven, so dependable and efficient materials handling equipment is vital for optimum efficiency and meeting Just-In-Time requirements.  Line feed productivity is particularly important.
To support automotive production applications, Hyster Europe has launched the new T7.0HS3 three-wheel and T8.0HS4 four-wheel Rider Tow Tractors. The new Hyster® Rider Tow Tractors offer excellent manoeuvrability thanks to the compact design, anti-roll back on ramps device, and external inching control buttons to assist with trailer hitching. The tow tractors, which offer optimal operator comfort, also feature adjustable acceleration and travel speeds that can be set to meet the different needs of specific automotive manufacturing applications.
For those operations with repetitive line feed tasks, tow tractors can also be automated.  The knowledge of the local Hyster® dealer combined with detailed simulations, allows Hyster Europe to identify where automation can be used to improve efficiency.
The Hyster® LO5.0-7.0T Tow Tractor, Hyster® Pedestrian Counterbalance Stacker and Low-level Order Picker can all be robotised, offering the flexibility to deal with intermittent demand for different automated tasks in the automotive industry.  The innovative truck based Hyster® solution makes automation accessible and adaptable to changes in building infrastructure.
Ports and Terminals
While moving and stacking empty and laden containers is a vital part of port and terminal operations, these applications have varied handling needs at every stage from ship to store.  One common challenge is container stuffing.
For most terminal operations, the most convenient and efficient way to transport heavy or awkward loads into, or out of, the container would be with a counterbalance lift truck. However, the standard cab height often makes this impossible.
To overcome this, Hyster Europe offers lower cabin height options for restricted height applications, such as the back of lorries or loading in a container.
Low cabin height options are now available on a number of truck series including the H8.0-9.0FT series, for loads up to 9 tonnes.
Tough Hyster® lift trucks with lowered cabins also offer the power, performance and manoeuvrability needed to work efficiently through the harsh, wet and sub-zero weather conditions commonly found in ports and terminals.
Dusty environments are commonplace for lift trucks operating in the recycling, household waste or paper bale handling industry, meaning that the lift truck’s radiators can easily get clogged up.  This can cause unnecessary downtime that costs businesses money in lost production, as well as contributing to other truck problems.
To tackle this issue and help operations to increase productivity and maximise return on investment, the new Hyster® ’Cool Truck’ package for 2-3.5 tonne capacity lift trucks has been designed to reduce the amount of debris entering the engine compartment and getting stuck on the transmission or in the radiator.
Developed following field trials in harsh paper applications, the truck features an innovative automatically reversing fan that significantly extends radiator cleaning intervals compared to a H2.0-3.5FT. Tilt and steer cylinder gaiters minimise the risk of damage to cylinders from debris, while tough rubber guards over the drive axle also minimise ingress of paper under the floorplates. Venting on side panels also helps to minimise the vacuuming effect of debris on the ground and a solid multi-piece belly pan under the engine compartment reduces the amount of loose debris entering the underside of the truck.
Supporting industry needs
Regardless of the industry, the global network of local Hyster® distribution partners use extensive knowledge and experience to find the best ways to overcome specific application challenges.  With local service and support, Hyster® dealers help to sustain even the most demanding operations.

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