Art Inspired Packaging Setting the Bottled Water Industry Alight!

Art Inspired Packaging Setting the Bottled Water Industry Alight!

Pop culture meets bottled water!
In every store and supermarket, worldwide, bottled water adorns the shelves. But what truly draws consumers to favour one water over another? For many it’s the taste, or the origin of the water; for others it’s the bottle design. Shape and colour can be crucial to consumer purchasing, so when PepsiCo set out to harness their share of the bottled water market, they concluded that packaging would be everything.

PepsiCo understood that consumer choices could be influenced through social media. Unique designs and quirky packaging could quickly gain popularity through these channels. Thus, they decided to make their packaging central to the brand through the use of emerging artists. Seth Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo believed that their biggest equity was their label.

LIFEWTR would feature artwork from emerging artists, from various genres, launched quarterly on their bottles. The artistry would be visible from the front and back of the labels, turning simple water into masterpieces. The Shazam App would also provide an opportunity for consumers to connect with the artist, thus, assisting them to gain a foothold in pop culture.

In the case of PepsiCo LIFEWTR, the ingenuity of the packaging was central to the brand. They even considered the environmental factors associated with the bottling and labels. Recyclability was important to them because it weighed heavily on the minds of consumers, hence, a water soluble adhesive was used for easy removal of the label during PET recycling.

allpack® have long believed that bespoke designs, shape and colour are the key to modern day consumer purchasing. The age of the internet has raised expectations beyond that of a good product simply selling itself. What it looks like on a shelf and how it engages with the consumer and through social media can be the make or break of a brand.

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