Crossbelt Sorter and Modular Conveyor Platform go the extra mile for The North Face, a Youngone fashion company.

Crossbelt Sorter and Modular Conveyor Platform go the extra mile for The North Face, a Youngone fashion company.

Youngone, the leading global outdoor and athletic clothing, manufacturer has contracted system integrator Hyundai Elevator to provide a complete logistics system for their new distribution center. It includes three Interroll Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) installations and one horizontal Crossbelt sorter. The system was designed to meet the continuously increasing demand on The North Face outdoor fashion online business and department stores especially during peak times in summer and winter.

Located in Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, the new distribution center is actually a three-floor building, which is expected to start operation from September 2017. The Interroll horizontal Crossbelt sorter is located on second floor, playing a critical role in the entire logistics system by handling 7,000 polybags per hour.

“At Youngone, we view corporate social responsibility as a reflection of our company’s long-term commitment to our employees, customers and communities where we work. Being both environmentally and future oriented is a key concern when it comes to our operations. With Hyundai Elevator and Interroll, we chose like-minded partners for our logistics systems in the new distribution center,” said by Park Mira, director of Youngone Corporation.

In order to minimize the complexity of the material flow process and maximize the logistics system’s efficiency, Youngone decided to order three Interroll MCP systems to connect each material flow process, including one MCP on the first floor to connect inbound and stacker cranes for receiving goods and managing the dispatching. Another MCP on the second floor connects the Crossbelt sorter system as well as the new warehouse with the old one, the last one on the third floor is to merge the third-floor operation into the whole material floor process.

Modular, energy efficient and flexible: the Interroll MCP and Crossbelt sorter

“As a reliable partner for Youngone, we know what matters to our customers. The highly efficient drive mechanism of the Interroll Crossbelt sorter can save up to 50 percent energy and MCP is very easy for us to plan and integrate with other systems, which offers us maximum flexibility for future growth and expansion, explained Mr. Oh Yun-Seok, General Manager of Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd. “We are very much looking forward to seeing the systems into operation.”

“Inspired by efficiency is our credo, we understand well that the efficiency of Youngone’s logistics systems are critical to their performance needs. We devote all our efforts to providing our customers with superior product technology which provides not only the ideal performance for today’s business needs but also flexibility for potential future expansions.” adds Seong Joon Jeong, Managing Director of Interroll Korea.

As a neutral partner for system integrators, Interroll offers highly flexible horizontal and space-saving vertical Crossbelt Sorters, which operate on a patented mechanical basis whereby electronic components are kept to a minimum. The rotating drives work with up to 90 percent efficiency, yielding up to 50 percent energy savings in comparison to linear motors.

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