Innovative IOT temperature and humidity monitoring solution.

Innovative IOT temperature and humidity monitoring solution.

Temperature and humidity monitoring is critically important in warehouse and
storage management. The goods must be monitored frequently and effectively to
prevent spoilage, damage and substantial losses. Therefore centralized data
gathering is highly important for quality control processes in warehouses, where
temperature sensitive goods are located. Such quality control systems ensure that
the goods are stored in the most suitable conditions possible.
Keeping the warehouse industries needs in mind SAF Tehnika, one of the leading
microwave point-to-point equipment manufacturers, has developed a new product
line for temperature and humidity monitoring – Aranet.
What is Aranet?
Aranet is an environmental IoT monitoring solution developed for variety of businesses
including storage facilities and warehouse management. The simple to use wireless
temperature and humidity monitoring systems offers at least 3km/1.9mi line-of-sight
range between the wireless sensors and gateway. Aranet is suitable for large industrial
site applications as well as smaller compounds.
Aranet allows remote viewing, analysing and comparing of the data ensuring the best
quality control and adaptable sensor settings for each warehouse. Set different alert
thresholds for all the Aranet sensors and receive warnings via SMS or E-mail any time of
the day.
Aranet product line
Aranet product line includes two solutions – Aranet MINI for smaller site size
applications, and the Aranet PRO for industrial-grade deployment.
Aranet MINI is the perfect solution for temperature and humidity monitoring if precision,
autonomy and long receiving range is required. It has a built in barometer and 12
wireless sensors can be added to the network of one autonomous gateway.
Aranet PRO is an industrial grade environment monitoring solution. Add up to 100
wireless sensors per single gateway within the line-of-sight range of 3km/1.9 mi. Aranet
PRO allows to set alert thresholds and receive warnings via text messages or e-mail
notifications when something needs attention. Aranet PRO comes with free softwareAranet
SensorHUB. Easy to use interface allows viewing, analysing and comparing data in
real time from any device.
Aranet wireless temperature and humidity sensors have exceptionally low energy
consumption that allows the sensors to function up to 10 years without battery
replacement. The sensors are extremely durable, have IP class 42 and can be placed in
an open environment as well as indoors or humid locations.
What are the benefits for users?
The benefits for using Aranet include savings on costly and time consuming installations
and relocation of the devices.
Centralized data aggregation saves time and money by eliminating potential human
error and saving time previously spent on manual data gathering. New streams of data
improve decision-making and process optimization. 

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