JJ Food Service, uses Sentinel Systems to improve vehicle safety.

JJ Food Service, uses Sentinel Systems to improve vehicle safety.

National wholesalers and independent food specialists, JJ Food Service, has recently worked with Sentinel Systems to install safety camera and recording devices onto their vehicles.

Vehicle safety specialists, Sentinel Systems, were asked to install camera safety systems onto 40 of JJ Food Service’s vehicles so its drivers can manoeuvre more precisely and safely. Sentinel has installed five-channel camera systems onto JJ Food Service’s 7.5 ton and 18 ton vehicles.

JJ Food Service opted to install Sentinel’s 360-degree cameras, linked to an in-cab monitor and recording DVR unit. With these systems, drivers are given a complete view of the vehicle’s surroundings, including the rear and near-side blind spots. Sentinel’s side scan cameras improve visibility for drivers, making them aware of cyclists or pedestrians either side of the vehicle. These particular surrounding areas of a vehicle can be the most common blind spots for cyclists, where they are invisible to drivers at all times.

Sedat Kaan Hendekli, Enfield Branch Manager at JJ Food Service commented, “The safety of the general public, customers and our drivers is vital to our business – even our best drivers can do with help to improve visibility, particularly when operating up to 18-ton vehicles. With the new five-channel camera systems from Sentinel, our drivers can maneuver more precisely and safely. This is particularly important with more cyclists appearing on the roads. We are responding by making our vehicles ‘cycle safe’.”

He continued, “Our new near side scan cameras help drivers to be fully aware of cyclists and pedestrians in the vehicles’ blind spot. Early feedback from our team has been incredibly positive. And the benefits don’t stop there. The new in-cab camera helps to monitor driver behaviour, ensuring that they uphold professional standards at all times.”

“The 360-degree camera system also helps to protect the business against false insurance claims and to pin point the cause of any accidents. We have 40 vehicles fitted so far, a mix of 7.5 tons and 18 tons, and are so pleased with the results that we have plans to roll it out to our fleet of more than 130 vehicles. We chose Sentinel because of their reputation for high quality – we invest in market-leading solutions to keep our employees, staff and the general public safe at all times.”

By installing Sentinel’s safety systems, JJ Food Service prevents potential accidents caused by drivers manoeuvring, which can be particularly challenging in busy areas.

It is Sentinel’s aim to help eliminate the risks associated with large vehicles operating in congested areas. The company has over 30 years’ experience in creating safety systems which also includes auto-braking and radar reversing aids and mobile recording devices.

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