MonarchFx, A Division Of Tompkins International, Partners With NFI.

MonarchFx, A Division Of Tompkins International, Partners With NFI.

The First Rapid Deployment MonarchFx Center Located In Chino, California

MonarchFx, a Tompkins International company, partners with leading supply chain solutions provider, NFI, to select the first Rapid Deployment MonarchFx Center (RDMC), located in Chino, California. The RDMC is imbedded within the NFI distribution center campus, having the capacity to provide 19 million consumers with same day delivery, 22 million with one-day delivery, and 51 million with two-day delivery.

Executives from MonarchFx and NFI came together recently to sign the agreement to begin implementation of the RDMC. The Chino location is the first of five locations around the United States, slated to open within the next six months.

The Chino RDMC will include Tompkins Robotics, the SensorThink IoT platform, the Softeon technology platform, and the Tompkins Warehouse Execution System, all working together in a seamless manner. Along with the NFI team, this solution provides a powerful unichannel distributed logistics capability.

MonarchFx was created to give brands and retailers a highly credible fulfillment solution, superior to other alternatives. MonarchFx provides quality services at reasonable prices, requiring low capital investment.

“I am excited to announce our partnership with NFI and to announce our first location in Chino. This state-of-the-art fulfillment center will allow us to provide huge benefits to our clients and their customers,” stated Jim Tompkins, CEO, MonarchFx.

“MonarchFx’s decision to partner with NFI is a validation of the world-class supply chain solutions we provide,” stated Ike Brown, Vice Chairman and President, NFI. “Our combined expertise and vision will deliver new levels of innovation that will help our clients leverage their supply chains to enhance the customer experience.”

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