MonarchFx – A New Collaborative Business Model for eCommerce Logistics.

MonarchFx – A New Collaborative Business Model for eCommerce Logistics.

MonarchFx, a division of Tompkins International, has just released its newest video, Get To Know MonarchFx. Watch this creative, clever, animated video that explains what MonarchFx is, and the benefits it provides to retailers, brands, and consumers.

MonarchFx is the coming together of world class supply chain and logistics companies with world class sellers of products, to form a reinvented unichannel logistics ecosystem that is new, smart, and innovative. This unichannel ecosystem encompasses many things for fulfillment, including wholesale, retail, direct-to-consumer, eCommerce, store replenishment, cross dock, and even value-added services.

MonarchFx is your smarter logistics solution comprised of best-in-class supply chain companies focused on delivering cost effective, high service level fulfillment solutions to retailers and brands. MonarchFx offers a local automated fulfillment network and local/regional final delivery services at a competitive price, providing great customer service. MonarchFx has five locations planned for 2018 located in Southern California, Dallas, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Chicago, offering two-day delivery or better to 95% of U.S. consumers.

MonarchFx is an alternative with reliable services at a reasonable cost that protects brands and customer data. Competitors often expose and use sales data to identify customer preferences, using the data to create private label products, creating a brand competitor. Consumers expect more services and options, from buy online, pick up in store, to consumer and store fulfilment, order tracking, and return options. MonarchFx helps retailers and brands to focus on their own customer experience, while MonarchFx handles everything post click.

Tompkins Robotics is one of the technologies that enables MonarchFx. The robots are efficient, require little space, easily scalable, flexible, and requires little capital, startup time, and labor. The t-Sort robot technology uses free-moving, independent robots to replace conveyors and sortation systems.

The MonarchFx technology platform includes Tompkins Robotics, Tompkins Warehouse Execution System, The Connected Warehouse™ powered by Sensor Think, Softeon, DHL, NFI, and Kenco. It is the whole package and has best in class integrated systems capability.

To better understand the benefits of MonarchFx come visit the newly innovated and updated Tompkins Emerging

Technology Center. See live demonstrations of the latest in robotics, The Connected Warehouse, and more.

Featured during this technology event will be discussion sessions and live demonstrations

on the following:

The event will take place on Tuesday, February 20th and Wednesday, February 21st in Orlando, FL. Come either day to learn about the latest technology available to enhance, build, and complete an advanced, smart, and efficient supply chain.

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