WED2B Revolutionise the wedding dress market with RFID implementation.

WED2B Revolutionise the wedding dress market with RFID implementation.

In a similar way to fast fashion retailers, WED2B operate on a limited stock inventory relative to sales, and due to the relative high value of merchandise (ASP is £500), WED2B may only stock 1 unit of a particular SKU per store at any time.

Therefore, stock accuracy is integral to being able to satisfy customer demand. If the stock file is over stated by just one unit, this could be in effect a stock out, leading to a lost sale and an unhappy bride-to-be!

The successful implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) stock monitoring means WED2B have precise knowledge as to where a dress is in the supply chain (from manufacturer to store) at any one time. This means WED2B can tell a customer when a dress will arrive instore face-to-face or via social media channels.

Following WED2B’s model of bringing fast fashion retail to bridal, they introduce two brand new dresses every week. They promote this online and on social media, and any customer queries can be answered accurately with the RFID tracking software and its integration with the ERP.

There is no other bridal retailer in the world that has invested in this technology and only a handful of fast fashion retailers are fully utilising RFID. The few retailers that have implemented the RFID stock solution usually have only select trial stores, whereas WED2B has not only converted the whole UK network of stores, they have also implemented from source suppliers both in the UK and overseas.

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