Exporta expand their pallet box and crate range

Exporta expand their pallet box and crate range

Exporta have expanded their shipping crate range with the addition of their new Collapsible Cardboard Crates. Exporta already have a comprehensive range of rigid and collapsible plastic pallet boxes, Dolav boxes, collapsible Polycrates and very flexible wooden and plastic pallet collar crates. However, by talking to their customers, they identified a gap in the market for a very lightweight but robust and reusable crate. 

These cardboard crates are pallet boxes made from very strong and robust 15mm or 25mm reinforced cardboard. Designed for air freight usage in mind, when combined with a lightweight nestable plastic pallet these crates can significantly reduce the volumetric cost of shipping by air. These crates are much lighter than any wooden or plastic crate and far stronger than any normal cardboard box. The toughest can take 500kg stacked on top and because they are collapsible, they can be shipped back to the source in a stacks thus saving on return costs. They can be reused again and again and so last longer and are more environmentally friendly when compared to single use cardboard boxes. 

Reusable and returnable box and crate solutions are growing for environmental and longer-term cost savings. Single use plastics and cardboard products are initially cheaper to purchase but over an extended period of time, multi-use solutions make savings and reduce the environmental impact as long as there is a return loop and reuse programme in place.  

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