Fareye launches its supply chain visibility suite – ORBIT.

Fareye launches its supply chain visibility suite – ORBIT.


FarEyea digital logistics platform, today launched its Supply Chain Visibility suite – ORBIT, which allows enterprises to have complete visibility of goods in transit from the plant right through to the final destination.  The suite – a ‘platform for predictability’ for freight movement – enables organisations to customise their logistics processes, integrates with TMS and WMS systems, allows data-driven transporter allocation, digital proof of delivery and provides live ETA updates for the entire journey.

The suite, which works for reverse logistics as well, also integrates with 3PL (third-party logistics) systems to provide full visibility at every step. In addition, the FarEye suite integrates with GPS devices and temperature sensors to alert companies to any potential or actual problems with the goods while in transit, and features item level tracking and event-specific alerts. FarEye’s Delivery Happiness Dashboards make it possible to track KPIs like vendor performance, bottlenecks in transit etc., enabling data-backed business decisions. The suite also automates logistics processes with mobile applications including digital proof of delivery.

FarEye is a leader in B2C logistics technology and is widely used by global giants like Walmart, Dominos, DHL, Noon and Amway. It has been helping organisations reduce costs and deliver parcels on-time across the retail and ecommerce industries.  The B2B world today lacks data-driven optimisation and predictability of freight across the supply chain.  ORBIT addresses one of the fundamental issues facing the industry today – greater visibility – and gives businesses the ability to make time-sensitive data-backed decisions.


Source: The Supply Chain Resilience Report

Available immediately, ORBIT is built on top of a Business Process Management (BPM) framework allowing for the design of multiple logistic workflows across regions. It can be quickly and easily integrated into logistics firms’ existing TMS and WMS systems, thereby minimising disruption and infrastructure costs.

In addition ORBIT delivers:

●       On-time delivery with live notification & alerts

●       Consolidated Dashboard, Reports & Records with ETA of shipment along with SMS updates.

●       Mobile application for drivers to update delivery status and ePOD

●       Intelligent allocation of freight to 3PL partners

●       Improved efficiencies and reduced cost with digitalised processes

●       Reduced inventory with a reliable supply chain

●       Data driven transportation performance management

●       Easy amendments of 3PL contracts, shipment routes and other for improved future deliveries.


Kushal Nahata, Co-founder and CEO, FarEye, said, “With multiple stakeholders involved in the movement of freight, the Supply Chain has historically been like a black box for enterprises, with customers not knowing where and what condition their goods are in.  As the world moves towards a just-in-time manufacturing model which demands shorter and reliable supply chains, companies are rightly demanding to know the location and state of their goods at every stage of their journey. FarEye’s ORBIT technology will give businesses complete visibility of goods from the start of their journey until the final destination and help foster collaboration among all the various stakeholders and logistics processes.”

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