Movolytics launches leading edge fleet management  technology in Spain following rapid growth.

Movolytics launches leading edge fleet management technology in Spain following rapid growth.

Fleet management technology specialist Movolytics is expanding into Spain following a period of rapid growth. The UK-based firm, which was established in 2016 to provide business fleets with new levels of accuracy in driver and vehicle data, has established a subsidiary in Spain. The aim is to provide Europe’s second largest fleet market with access to Movolytics’ leading edge software solution.

Movolytics has created a dedicated team of sales, marketing and customer support staff who will serve the Spanish market. Additionally, a Spanish-language version of the software has been developed and can be found at

Chris Smith, CEO at Movolytics, said: “Just over 18 months after forming Movolytics in the UK, following the acquisition of an established vehicle tracking firm, we have demonstrated with our new product set, the appetite for a more accurate form of fleet management, delivered through a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. That’s evident in our performance to date, with over 18,000 vehicles now being tracked. What’s apparent to us is that this appetite exists equally in other countries and Spain, with its huge road transport infrastructure, is the target of our first international expansion. We’re excited to show the Spanish market, in particular theconstruction, engineering, utilities and transportation industries, what is possible with our technology and to demonstrate the considerable return on investment that can be achieved.”

Movolytics will celebrate its second anniversary in June. It was founded upon technology innovation that enables vehicle data – ranging from speed to fuel consumption – to be drawn directly from the engine management system. This represents a radical departure from common solutions that provide digital estimates of such databased on the GPS coordinates of the vehicle. Movolytics’ delivery of highly accurate data gives business and fleet managers greater confidence in the potential to reduce outgoings by generating economic route guidance, raising fuel efficiency, and eliminating costly driving habits such as speeding and unsanctioned out-of-hours vehicle use. Productivity, safety, and customer satisfaction are also increased with the provision of accurate tracking data.

Another distinctive characteristic of Movolytics is the system’s ease of use, with a highly intuitive graphical dashboard providing real-time data and visualisation of key performance indicators.

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