Saving Forklift Operators Dough.

Saving Forklift Operators Dough.

Caster Concepts Maintenance-Free Casters reduce replacement costs and injuries, improve manufacturing efficiency across industries

When a major U.S. retailer was frustrated with the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars it was spending annually to replace casters on its forklifts, Caster Concepts ( engineers stepped in with a solution that not only saved them money but reduced the number of repairs.

What was this forklift panacea?

Maintenance-Free Caster Turns out that Caster Concepts’ heavy-duty Maintenance-Free Casters were the solution that solved the retailers’ constant forklift breakdowns. These casters last twice as long – if not longer.

“With our casters, they’ve gone more than a year (and counting) and still haven’t needed replacements,” says Caster Concepts President and CEO Dr. Bill Dobbins.

The Caster Concepts Maintenance-Free Casters have some added benefits too: Designed and manufactured at the Caster Concepts plant in central Michigan, the Maintenance-free casters have precision neoprene sealed ball bearings and hardened raceways, ensuring smooth rotation for several years. The king-pinless design, and thick forged steel can withstand shock loading and side forces.

In fact, the Maintenance-Free Casters are built to handle loads of up to 3500 pounds and reduce the amount of force needed to get them rolling. They are also available in shock absorbing formats for use as stabilizer casters on electric pallet trucks.

“These casters were designed by our engineers for heavy-duty applications in automotive plants. But we’re finding that the design works well across industries,” Dobbins says. “The long life and ergonomic benefits of our Maintenance-Free Caster makes it a perfect fit for forklifts and electric power jacks.”
Maintenance-Free Casters are often added to pallet jacks like this one. . The Caster Concepts Maintenance-Free Casters are ideal for any industry that uses forklifts. So far, they’ve been popular at automotive plants, retail centers and warehouses and distribution centers. Caster Concepts customers also have added them to electric pallet jacks and to automated guided vehicles.

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