Bybox launch a new service to minimise in-store technology downtime at RBTE.

Bybox launch a new service to minimise in-store technology downtime at RBTE.

ByBox, providers of smart locker technology and field service solutions, today announced its new offering for the retail market – Switch. While at Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London, ByBox showcased its new service using Bluetooth-enabled lockers.

Using a locker network and technicians, retail technology providers are able to ensure same-day fixes via pre-positioned stock. Understanding the needs of UK high streets, ByBox has located its smart lockers in easy to access areas, enabling technicians to quickly and simply collect spare parts to meet demanding SLAs.

Independently conducted research, sponsored by ByBox, shows that one in ten shoppers will abandon a purchase due to non-functional in-store technology and over one third of shoppers have been unable to complete purchase due to technology failure.

“As retailers reimagine the entire in-store customer experience, technology is paramount to building a more connected and more personalised environment,” comments Simon Fahie, managing director – global technology, ByBox. “Digital strategies can no-longer be reserved for online, they are integral to creating a consumer destination that builds brand experience and customer loyalty. Such a reliance on technology means the consequences of equipment failure have grown exponentially. With Switch, we aim to raise the benchmark of standard, same-day repairs and service SLAs, enabling retailers to protect the consumer experience and brand loyalty.”

As soon as a failure is logged via the Switch HQ, a ByBox field service engineer is alerted through an app and directed to the nearest stock location; often on the outskirts of high streets and retail parks. Once the spare part is collected, a fix is carried out and the failed component part returned to a locker to be logged and correctly disposed of or re-serviced. ByBox pre-positions stock and replenishes overnight or by one of its forward stock locations (FSLs).

Switch is made possible by ByBox’s investment into its network of smart lockers around the country, which combine Bluetooth-enabled locks, a mobile app and cloud platform, allowing case-by-case access and full visibility of stock levels.

With Switch, technology operators can maintain competitive SLA performance for retailers, offer a premium service with reduced pricing, improve first time fix rates and lower overheads.




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